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Whispering Darkness ... Item # AOD01
Hank Baker is alone in his belief that his father is still alive. Corporal Baker was declared missing seven years earlier, after the Battle of Belleau Woods in France at the end of World War I. When Hank finds a skeleton in the woods near his family’s property, questions arise about who it was...
Echoing Silence ... Item # AOD02
Twelve-year-old Hank Baker is in crisis. His hero father is dead; a bully from Snow Hill is threatening his family and friends; and the Ku Klux Klan is operating near his home in Farmville, with ominous plans for Granny Rose and the peaceful community of Beech Hill. All of this sets Hank and his best friends...
Beckoning Shadows ... Item # AOD03
Something is killing the livestock around the community of Farmville, Arkansas, bringing turmoil to the region. Emotions run high as the report surfaces of a large, man-like creature along the Ouachita River. Out of desperation, a bounty is posted before the sighting can be verified. The description bears...
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